“Sebesar-besar kebajikan itu ialah berakhlak dengan akhlak yang baik, dan dosa itu ialah perasaan bimbang dalam jiwa dan engkau tidak suka keadaan itu diketahui oleh orang lain”.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Hulwati


Lama jugak tak post fresh entry. Amat2 sibuk dengan my new baby..my new boyfriend..and my new lover..which is my tudung business..hahahah. Bukan beria sgt nak cari untung sebenornya..but it's my passion and genetically unavoidable traits inherit from my mum. Mak borek anak rintik gitu..

Mak sangat2 minat bisness..name it, she sell almost all what people can imagine. From kid, she sell kuih, kain sutera, kain pasang biasa, barang kemas and one time jual bunga roti..skrg dh takde bunga style ni. Bunga ni exactly made from roti yang dah diproses by hand into beautiful
flower. Kena keringkan betoi2 bunga ni takut cik ti and cik pas datang menyerang.

I sold them at RM1.50/each..dan demand sangat2 tinggi. Tapi nak buat sangat payah..canai roti, colouring every single doh, nak bentukkan every single leaf, nak wat kelopak dengan teliti, keringkan dan varnish...i believe i had forget the exact steps to do it oledi..seriously i sell those when i'm in standard 5..10 years old.

So now it's me..start with my own small business..after all it's a good time to open a new window for myself. Memang best tapi sangat2 penat..baru 1 bulan and a lot more to do. Alhamdulillah for my loyal customers..there will be a soft launching for my hulwati hijab..an inspiration for all ladies.

my 2 loyal workers..i dont hv to pay them epf & socso..hahaa. Never heard them grumble yet so far..heheh.
inners on the table - sell at RM6/pc

changing my hall into mini shop with 2 mirrors for fitting
(behind is tauke place to rehat2)

slow and steady - more stocks are coming
customers can try and feel free to bring kids over too..and free wifi you.
so bring ur tab and start surf while waiting for your wife or aweks buying tudung

bunga roti - managed to find one pic from the internet.

Insyaallah...hoping the best out of this. Dont forget to follow me at my FB/hulwatihijab.blogspot.com for more info and updates.

adiyos..sayonara..illailiqa..and some ask me what is hulwati anyway. To brief you..it's only a name..nothing else.

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