“Sebesar-besar kebajikan itu ialah berakhlak dengan akhlak yang baik, dan dosa itu ialah perasaan bimbang dalam jiwa dan engkau tidak suka keadaan itu diketahui oleh orang lain”.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My ships

I wish i knew where is the ship sails
I've cross continents and lands
I've walk through dungeon and valley
I had fall and cried..

In pain..i stand up
I ran away..I move on..and tears fallen
And along time...the wounds heals

I saw the ship is still there..
calling me out..i told him..
i rather walk alone...when no tears, no falling, no wounds..
i saw the ship sails..alone

without me...
stunning and strong..
to the open sea..
no promises..not even a single words..

they said..those who sails in that ships...
must have a strong hearts
they knew their path and the ship is lead them to it
i was not chosen to be in that ship...
not because i don't have strong hearts...
but because its let me sink before i get into it

Then a whisper breezes through my ears..
telling me..there is another waiting and this one ..suits me..
i look at it..and i say yes..that is mine.

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